ADA 2014

3 November 2014


It is finally available!
Fastest, easiest, most powerful

Arcadia is proud to present the new version of your favorite graphics software, always updated to the latest technology and with a focus on the ease of use.
What’s new? simplified controls, customizable interface, more intuitive and real-time search, easier renderings, project export for other programs. These are just some of ADA 2014 features, advanced and responsive to your needs.

Application and data always updated.

The cloud, through Arcadia Live Store, allows you to be always updated following the evolution of software. It also allows a greater integration and coordination between manufacturer and points of sale thanks to the more effective and faster releasing of catalogs. Last, but not least, you can easily manage your licenses using the new administration console.

The dongles are retiring.

The new products are managed with a cloud license system. The ADA 4 owners that have a dongle will continue the regular use as long as the operating system and catalogs will be compatible. For any information or concern please do not hesitate to contact us, our help desk is at your disposal.

A brand new environment.

The new interface and the drag & drop feature make ADA simpler and more intuitive, both in project management and in catalog browsing.
You can also undo and redo any action performed.


Expand your space.

The ability to constantly work in a 3D environment and a full-screen view makes it a superior point of view to all your projects. Move in it with the revolutionary browser and the new automatic docking tools, now more guided and interactive.

Your look in high quality.

The ability to obtain exploded views and animations of components, with real-time shadows, allows you to show off your projects with unique clarity and realism. The final result, with the help of artistic effects or the use of professional renderers, will enrich the quality of your presentations.

Drag new ideas, even from Internet.

With simple drag and drop, ADA allows you to import images and 3D models from your folders or Internet, making your projects more and more emotional and engaging.

Share your projects.

New 3D export formats allow a wide possibility to share your projects and exchange data with other design softwares.

Nothing more than a glimpse to the future…

Watch the video with the news