AREO magazine no. 49 November 2014

19 December 2014

In the November issue of AREO magazine, published by Unindustria Treviso, there is an article about the latest evolution of our products. Here, below, you can find the published text.  

Arcadia has been working in computer industry for 26 years producing, with passion and attention to detail, the ADA System, a software that allows furniture companies to manage more effectively the production and distribution of their products and to offer a better service to retailers. Arcadia is proud to put on the market the result of the last years of research and development that has brought to a completely renewed software and satisfy better and faster the customer.
The new version of ADA system for the furniture chain stands out for flexibility, precision, integration, customization and a greater focus on ease of use. The core of the new ADA system is the cloud. This means increased performances, thanks to the global and timely availability of software updates and catalogs. However, the real innovation is under the hood of ADA system which is a complete rewrite of the code according to the most modern style, in other words with a modular architecture that will enable faster future developments, extreme customization and superior quality of the code itself. The ADA system stands out from competitors thanks to its integration capabilities, spreading from the producer to the reseller. The main actors of the new ADA system are:

ADA 2014

ADA 2014 is a graphics software designed to support professionals in the sale of furniture.

ADA Link

ADA Link is the software that allows the enabling/disabling of specific catalogs.

Arcadia Live Store

Arcadia Live Store is free software that allows the license management, installation and updating of Arcadia softwares and of producers’ catalogs.

ADA Catalog

ADA Catalog is the software that allows the building and the maintenance of the catalogs and technical lists, including all the information needed both for sale and for production.

ADA Robot

ADA Robot is the software that allows the “loading” of the orders within the company production area.

ADA Gedi

ADA Gedi is the software that allows to import the data contained in the company’s management system into ADA Catalog, to transfer to the company’s management system the orders loaded by ADA Robot and calculate and send to the production the processes to be performed on the individual items.


ADA IDP is the software that allows to extract all the processes for the components (base, sides, shelves, desks plans, etc.) and integrates them to calculate the full process for the individual element, generating a neutral CAM file that not depends on the machine to which it is intended. This file will be subsequently translated in the specific language of the machine to be used by an appropriately customized Post-Processor.


DraftUP is a powerful 2D CAD / CAM software fully developed by Arcadia. Designed with contextual user interface it is equipped with an extensive set of commands that enhance the skills of the designer. The CAM allows the definition and management of planar machining contouring, point-to-point and the automatic processing of data for CNC machines.

Arcadia has not stopped its software evolution trying to put, even more, at the core of the entire business plan the customer and his needs increasingly aimed to services. Three consequences derives from this choice. First: Arcadia guarantees, unique among competitors, a free telephone support for points of sale. Second: Arcadia has deeply changed its business model to allow stores to enjoy ADA system without fixed license costs by opting for a membership system and facilitating the purchase of manufacturers’ catalogs by foreign stores thanks to an online store without the need of hardware keys. Third: Arcadia started a new way on communication and marketing to improve relationship with the customers better understanding their needs. These are the first results of an important effort spent in research and development, an investment that Arcadia made to provide its customers with a software platform that can help them in the future with the same professional service and competence they have experienced so far.