YouTube teaches us to use ADA 2014

21 May 2015

Arcadia is changed, or better, Arcadia is changing and has no plans to stop. The changes concern not only the ADA system, but also the way to communicate with customers. Therefore, we wanted to open our YouTube channel to help you make better use of ADA, to introduce you the new features, to tell our story in a funny way and keep you updated with news about our products.

The entire YouTube project was born in order to provide our customers with an online user guide made with short and simple videos about 2 minutes long and step-by-step instructions, going beyond the typical “Online Help.”

Youtube channel for ADA Graphical Configurator

Our YouTube channel has three thematic playlists, two of which are also already available entirely in English.

The most important and large playlist is dedicated to tutorials about the usage of ADA2014. With more than 20 short videos of a few minutes each, we drive our client through the various stages of construction of an environment’s project. So, it’s possible to go from the definition of the plan, the insertion of bases, columns, cabinets and appliances ending with the presentation of different rendering solutions and placement of lights and shadows. In other words, it’s like having a crash course lasting one hour about the use of ADA without leaving home or your office.


In the second playlist we tell about ourselves, or rather, we tell about our almost thirty years long story. We do this through the video “vintage” ranging from 2003 to 2011, that is from the birth of ADA 3.8 to the presentation of ADA 4.9. In this playlist there are some commercial videos, some technical videos and some provided by our customers. Our favorite is this; watch it! We are sure to manage to get a smile out of you.

The third playlist, the most recent, collects some introductory vides about ADA 2014 in Italian, English and Russian, useful for those who want to discover ADA or approach to the new version.

We have no doubt that you will enjoy our guide and our video story on YouTube. If you have other questions or concerns, we are always available by phone. We know, indeed, that no video or guidance can be more effective of our our assistance.