3 tips to use the new version of ADA at best

18 June 2015

ADA, since the restyling of 2014, has become even more intuitive and easy to use keeping the customer experience at the center of development project. The main innovations are a new interface, the ability to work in 3D, the use of drag & drop and the availability of software and catalogs always updatetd from the cloud.
The new version of ADA is developed to enable also the least savvy user to build a project in a fast way, without having to resort to specific training or to the help of a manual. The more advanced features are, however, at a mouse-click and accessible to anyone who need to address complex projects, without the need of other specialist softwares, thanks to the presence of a dedicated CAD and the possibility of multiple rendering effects.
So we decided to start this trip about ADA suggesting 3 simple tricks in order to offer to your customers more and more entertaining and catchy projects.



1. Modify the elements’ shape with CAD

The shaping concerns tops for the most part and is mandatory whenever you need to create a draft of an environment containing non-standard walls (such as columns, chimneys, curved walls) or to design plans of an island of particular shape..

In order to proceed with shaping with CAD you have to:
• Insert a moldable element in the project
• Start the command “Edit Item” with the mouse or with the F5 key
• Access the “Card Processing” and thus “Sagoma with CAD.”

2. Drag & Drop of materials

This feature allows you to increase the photorealistic effect of your project characterizing the environment in which you can insert a decor chosen by your customer. You can, for example, apply the wallpaper to the wall or replace the image of a picture, as well as create a marble top or a teak floor.

You only need just to drag the mouse from one image element in your application where you want to apply it.


3. Using Top View and Front View

One of the main difference with ADA4 is the ability to work directly in 3D.

Although the use of 3D is fast and advantageous in the environment creation and elements positioning phase, it may sometimes be useful to resort to plan or front view to check the position of elements, to speed their insertion or to manage complex environments.

The plan view is available by clicking the button “.” while the front is accessible through the “0” button that, when clicked repeatedly, offers 3 different wall views (front, isometric from right and left).

These are just a few tips to improve the use of ADA in every day work. If you have specific needs, you can always refer to our helpline or to our YouTube Channel that we will update and expand.