The best ADA ever

16 October 2015

In a hurry and so many projects to create? ADA 2016 is here.

Have you got short time to create your graphic projects? While designing do you need a tool that simplify all the steps using fewer commands? In ADA 2016 you will find all this and even more, everything is improved!




ADA 2016 suggest you the items

When you’re entering an element in a project as a base or a wall unit, have you ever asked: “Now what to put on the side? … I don’t remember the code… and if i’m wrong?”. And what if, maybe, you’re working on several catalogs and your time is even more valuable? Compared to ADA 2014, the ADA 2016 version gives you a more intuitive insertion of elements with no chance of making errors. You can simply touch the item you have just inserted and other elements or accessories recommended by the software will be immediately displayed.


Faster and easier than ever!

Why enter each time a new code to change the size of bases, wall units and the other elements of the environment you’re planning? Now with the new ADA 2016’s grips it is much simpler. Simply dragging along measures, the software will automatically insert the correct code, avoiding unnecessary and tedious passages.


Other news of ADA 2016?

The completely revised graphical interface and a powerful toolbar for managing views provide you a better user experience and an increasing of speed for many functions.


Compatibility with Windows 10

Do you worry about compatibility with Windows 10? Keep calm, ADA 2016 is 100% compatible.


Are you curious about ADA 2016?