Lisa recognized the importance of offering its customers a unique and engaging shopping experience: discover the ADA BE configurator.
11-07-2024/by Lisetta

Pianca S.p.A. chooses Arcadia S.r.l. and ADA BE software for a personalized online shopping experience

Pianca has chosen Arcadia as a partner to implement a personalized product configurator on its website.
12-06-2024/by Lisetta

Customizing your favorite Désirée product has never been this easy!

Désirée, a brand of upholstered furniture from Euromobil Group since 1995, 100% made in Italy, has introduced the customized sofa configurator ADA BE, the browser edition solution of the ADA system, on its website.
22-05-2024/by Lisetta

All for one, one for all

We are proud to share the news that will change your way of working!
Our new "Neutral Catalog" is now available, designed to enhance your daily experience uniquely and effectively, the result of extensive research and commitment, but above all of your requests and suggestions.
20-03-2024/by Lisetta

Arredamenti Pagani

Isabella Pagani, owner of Arredamenti Pagani, shares her experience using the ADA Designer software during sales.
07-02-2024/by Lisetta

Join us in the upcoming Webinar: Features of the New Standard Catalog

Discover the latest updates and acquire fundamental skills for designing with ADA Designer
06-10-2023/by Lisetta

“Did you know that…?”

Introducing our latest addition: the "Lo sapevi che...?" playlist on YouTube! If you're a graphic design enthusiast eager to uncover all the secrets of ADA Designer, then this playlist is tailor-made for you.
08-09-2023/by Lisetta

Research and innovation

Attività indispensabili per lo sviluppo di soluzioni innovative
24-03-2023/by Arcadia